The last week of November, we had the joy of hosting our Annual Training for Health Promoters from the 23 rural communities you help us serve in 4 regions of Nicaragua.

During the week, health promoters had the opportunity to continue working towards community empowerment by strengthening their knowledge and capacities.

Their training included:

  • A session on healing the wounds of the heart, as a process of self-healing, forgiveness, and moving forward from a Christian-based perspective
  • A hands-on review of taking vital signs, including pulse, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure
  • A step-by-step hands-on practice of suturing and wound care and follow up
  • Reflecting on gender inequities and their impact on access to health care
  • Reviewing the importance of teaching about prenatal multivitamins, deworming, and family planning methods
  • Learning tips to foster healthy behavior changes as an important aspect of improving health
  • Analyzing strategies to encourage community participation and have fairer processes to identify common needs and develop plans that impact the well-being of the whole community
  • Discussing the main motivations, achievements, challenges, and opportunities for the future in regards to working with AMOS and serving vulnerable communities

At the end of the training, Isaac Fley, Health Promoter of El Socorro in Matagalpa, expressed:

Isaac with fellow Health Promoter, Ada Luz.

“This week has been worth a month of learning. We are taking back many tools and strategies that are going to help us in our work with our communities. In just one week, our lives and souls have been restored. Thank you to everyone on the team for helping us be aware of our burdens and find relief and comfort in God.”

Thank you for all you do to train our promoters and bring hope to rural communities across Nicaragua! You make health happen!

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